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A surrealistic tour de force. Bobby Kennedy would be proud.

BillyNapalm responds:

Thanks for watching!

Beautiful. Was giving me that Neverending Stoooorryyyyyyy vibe.

It was an okay idea, but I don't think you really went as far as you could have with the comedy. I feel like you thought to yourself "What if the ponies in The Hobbit were My Little Ponies?!" and then left it at that without exploring what jokes you could get out of that idea e.g. how the journey would be different, what obstacles would be harder (or easier).

veselekov responds:

I actually went off the scene before the trolls. Thorin tells fili and kili to go watch them. But because of all that has happened at recent with mlp and stuff while watching it I imagined them as mlp ponies.

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Hahaha! That was great! I was laughing the whole time, and there were some good challenges.

Hints for those who might be stuck: Try clicking for individual shots, instead of holding down the mouse button. It's faster.

It was boring. There was no message, at least not one clearly given. And if a message is not clearly given, it is not a message at all. It's just noise. Speaking of noise, was it necessary to have the incessant beeping?

The choices the player can make in the game don't make sense, don't appear to be responding to anything, and didn't appear to affect anything.

This is pretentious twiddle of the worst kind, because the stupid will be fooled into thinking this is some sort of smart comment on society.

Issues with difficulty/graphics, but a good effort

The music is lovely, but there's issues with the difficulty and the graphics.

If you're going to do silhouette graphics, you've got to make it really interesting to look at. Give us more shapes of things to enjoy while we're looking at the game. Otherwise it gets pretty bland, and when you're playing a game like this where you'll be replaying parts over and over until you get it right, there should at least be some really yummy graphics to look at. Examples of where this is done right in your game is with the grass on the cliffs, and the spikey enemies. Those are some interesting shapes!
I'd also suggest something other than white on black. It looks nice for a while, but it hurts the eyes.

Admittedly, I didn't try easy mode, so the following is all based on my experience playing the default mode. This was frustratingly hard in several places, and the problem always had to do with judging how to jump on and off inclined platforms.
The worst was one part after the spaceship crash area, where you had to jump across 3 or 4 flat platforms, land on a platform with a sharp incline downwards then gradual incline downwords, somehow propel yourself with enough momentum to the next flat platform, then back up and jump up to the next area where the checkpoint was. This was ridiculously hard. I tried this over and over, dying at least 50 times before I finally did it. I don't know how I didn't give up and just ragequit.
To keep the difficulty at a level where it's both fun and challenging, I'd suggest easier jumps but less checkpoints. Right now you've got lots of checkpoints to compensate for the impossible jumps, but these combine to create a really repetitive playing experience.

Having said all this, please take this as constructive criticism! I'm not just some jerk who likes badmouthing people's hard work while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. I'm a jerk who wants to be helpful.

This is a great effort, especially for a first game by someone not familiar at all with programming. Once again, top notch music choices.

Miktar responds:

Thank you for the review! I agree that the buggy physics can be a pain, my inexperience with Stencyl really didn't help. I know where the problem is (Muu sometimes 'bounces' down a hard slope, so it doesn't detect the jump if you're currently mid-bounce since you're technically not on the ground), but I'd disagree with the 'easier jumps less checkpoints' thing. Easier jumps are in Easy Mode, and make the 8 minute game take 3 minutes to finish. Since I knew I wasn't going to make anything of any significant length, I opted for smaller 'critical' sections, like the 'you didn't eat your wheaties' jumps right after finding Heart and his crashed ship.

On average I do 20 deaths, my best was 8 so far, so even though the slopes can be tricky, you can actually master them to a satisfying degree.

For my next game though, I'm going to avoid slopes entirely until I get much better at Stencyl.

The fact that you made it through, without ragequitting, I think is a very positive review. ^..^

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Don't like porn. Not even of bomberman. Sorry.

Haha, this is adorable! Also had a look at your comic, it's adorable too.


Morthagg responds:



She seems mildly annoyed that someone has shot arrows in her body.

People think this is a useless review!


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